Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color and Composition

Color and Composition Internet Project:

My (non-educated) thoughts on Monet’s paintings --


Image 1: The Thames at Westminster (Westminster Bridge)

In this image, I see tints, shades, and tones of black. Additionally, I see some green in the tree and the reflection of the trees in the water, and orange in the sky- I think this was done with a semi limited palette. I definitely think this one has the most detail.

I think this image evokes a calm emotion.

I think this is a very harmonious piece, and is my favorite of the four (o.0)

Image 2: Houses of Parliament, London, Sun breaking through the fog

I think a broad color palette was used- I see many colors including blue and violets, red, oranges, yellows, etc. and to me stands out the most out of these four.

I think this image evokes a bright emotion.

Image 3: Le Parlement, Effet de Brouillard

Le Parlement looks like it was created with a limited color palette. I think colors of this image were created with black, with added tints of white and tones of gray. However, I do see some yellow in the sky, too. 

I think this image is harmonious and evokes an invisible, foggy-like emotion for this appears to be the most transparent of the four.

Image 4: Houses of parliament, London

I think this image was also done with a broad color palette- many colors to create the sky and the reflections in the water… the blue, green, violet and black to create the houses, etc.  I also think this one has the most effects- mainly in the sky and water.

I think this image evokes a… serious emotion?